Record Your Voice & Help Ordinary Vegan Spread the Compassion

I want you to star in my upcoming podcasts. I would love to hear your stories on how a plant-based diet changed your health. Also any testimonials about Ordinary Vegan's recipes or how we helped you achieve a vegan diet full or part-time. Or simply tell us why you're vegan. Is it for your health, animals or the planet? Or all of those reasons? We will also air any of your questions so go to town.  Just record your message below using your phone, tablet or laptop microphone.

The great thing about this recorder is know matter where in the country you live, you have a voice at Ordinary Vegan. You can record a message up to 5 minutes.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for being part of our healthy community and podcast!

You can listen to Ordinary Vegan's podcast on iTunes or follow the directions below the recorder.

**Disclosure – By recording a message to Ordinary Vegan, it gives us consent to use it on the Ordinary Vegan podcast show. thanks**

Just in case you haven't listened to a podcast before, here is how:

How To Listen to a Podcast

A podcast is essentially a radio show that you can get on the internet, so you can listen any time you want. You have two options: you can listen to a podcast through my website. This is called streaming.

Or, you can download a podcast, which means you’re saving it on your phone, tablet or computer, and you can listen to it anytime, even without an internet connection.

To stream: Go to Ordinary Vegan podcast page and hit the play button.

To Download: Get it delivered to your phone or tablet each week using an app.

For iPhones and iPads, use the Podcasts app. You get it from the App stores and it actually comes installed on new devices just look for icon Podcasts. In the Podcasts app you search for Ordinary Vegan and hit subscribe.

For Android phones and tablets, try the Sticher app. In Stitcher, search for Ordinary Vegan and click the plus sign (+), to add it to your favorites list. Now go to the Favorites list. Tell it to download new episodes by clicking the gear in the upper right corner.

I personally like the a simple podcast player called Overcast that delivers my favorite podcasts. You can download it on your iPhone and listen to all your favorite podcasts. Hope that helps and now on to this week's podcast show notes.


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