Bulgur: One Of The World’s Best Foods For Weight Loss

Bulgur is a whole grain that often takes a back seat to more traditional grains like quinoa. Did you know quinoa with 222 calories per cup has nearly twice the calories of bulgur, which has 112 calories per cup? Cup for cup, quinoa has more macronutrients except for dietary fiber. However, if you eat two cups of bulgur, you'll be eating the same amount of calories and nutrients that are in one cup of quinoa. Protein wise, quinoa contains approximately 8 grams of protein per cup and bulgur … [Read more...]

How Hattie Montgomery Overcame Addiction & Lost 300 lbs


 How Hattie Montgomery Overcame Sexual Abuse & Food Addiction and Lost 300 lbs

Ordinary people everywhere are faced day after day with tragic events that occurred in their lives. Some people turn to drugs, alcohol or food and others are courageous enough to find a way to motivate themselves and move forward. Today we get to hear from a courageous young woman … [Read more...]